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Top Service & wedding transport                 go together like a Horse and 'carriage'

Top Service & wedding transport go together like a Horse and 'carriage'

  Every newlywed knows the fear of exploding the wedding budget and yet you still don’t want to miss that good and luxurious service.You shouldn't give up on your perfect plans. Ruby Services are here to assist you with 25 years of expertise in transport, wedding greets and concierge services for the special day. We know that small decisions count, all together they will make the day of your dreams.

So much more than just a car

You have the date already? Then it is time to get started with everything from choosing the right type of vehicle, to the color and favoring all the features you dream of. We can get you any vehicle you wish, from classic cars to Rolls Royce or Bentley. Our cars are never more than two years old.

For most couples, the spacious and elegant Mercedes limousines class S, luxury Sedan or Maybach stays the number 1 choice. We also see clients requesting the most luxurious car for themselves and the closest family, while they request Mercedes class V or other mini vans for their guests. Sometimes it might be preferable with a Mercedes Sprinter like the below with 16-19 seats or a minibus for 50 persons to keep the budget, where you want it to be. Read More

We have great experience in branding cars for professional events with a worldwide focus, such as the Cannes film festival or Monaco Yacht Show. We can easily decorate the full fleet of vehicles with the Monogram or initials of the newlywed or other bespoke concepts. Read More

What about the inside?

Playing her favorite song on a premium quality stereo, or preparing a slide show of emotional moments from when you first meet, this might be how, we can help you surprise the love of your life and make it your day. We will request your preferences beforehand and make sure to prepare the inside temperature according to the season, our cars are always tempered to the needs of passengers and there's a seperate air-conditioner remote panel on the passengers seats. 

Wearing a tuxedo during the Riviera “Indian summers” can be a challenge. We often have clients that appreciates a cold drink during the ceremonial ride. We can prepare almost everything to make it memorable for you and the rest of your bridal party. Should it be a special bottle for the occasion or small napkins with the names of the newlywed placed in all cars. Our luxurious cars are designed with the interior and comfort that is needed for you to enjoy a glass of champagne or just a nice refreshing juice. Depending on the model, our cars have different features such as sun screen, and massage seats etc. 

The right staff

Weddings are one of the oldest traditions associated with gallantries, it would be a shame no to prioritize the elegancy of the vehicles as well as the chauffeur.

Elegance and courteousness are characteristics that distinguishes VIP chauffeurs and luxurious services from a simple shuttle transport service. Our experienced staff are careful, smiling and respectful personalities, trained for the right work ethic. Their dress-code obviously also matches our top-quality service.

Should you be in need for a wedding planner, who can help you from A-Z or a trained greeter at each location, who will make sure everyone gets in the right cars at the right time, we have all the right staff ready for you. We know that it's only when all guests are happy that the wedding couples have had a perfect day!