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Private Chauffeur in Cannes

Do you want to rent a car with private chauffeur in Cannes?
We offer you luxurious vehicles combined with the services of experienced chauffeurs.

Benefit from a personalized service for all your professional and private trips with Ruby Services. Enjoy a Luxurious limousine service characterized by an outstanding professionalism.

Private Chauffeur in Cannes - Premium Vehicles & Services - Reactivity 24/7 - Ruby Services - Car Rental with Driver in Cannes

Our private chauffeur ensures that you take the best shortcuts or the most beautiful roads thanks to our perfect knowledge of the Cannes region. We provide you with a fleet of new luxurious vehicles, comfortable and equipped with the latest features.

Our extensive fleet consist of Mercedes Class E, Rolls Royce, MiniVan Mercedes and Ranger Rovers as well as vehicles with up to 59 seats for professional and private events.

Car rental with private chauffeur in Cannes

Benefit from the services of a private chauffeur in Cannes for all your transport. Ruby Services offers you experienced private chauffeur who know every corner of the city of Cannes and the French Riviera in general.
They will choose the best itinerary, in order to make all your trips easier and ensure a smooth journey.

Are you traveling in a private matter, for an event or tourism? Are you traveling for business?
Ruby Services puts its team of experts and fleet of vehicles at your disposal. Choose a company, who will take care of all your travel management, by planning ahead for all your days. You will thus be able to fully enjoy your stay on the Riviera.




A sedan, minivan or a bus according to your needs

The main advantage of a personalized rental also lies in the suitability of the offer with your research. This is why Ruby Service has decided to diversify its fleet.

We therefore offer a vehicle that meets your expectations.

The Mercedes Class E sedan is, for example, intended for a couple or a single person.

Whereas the more spacious Mercedes Vito type minivan, is a better choice for families as well as for traveling teams from a company. During events in Cannes, the Mercedes S-Class is the must in terms of comfort and prestige, it is often requested by VIPs.

During congresses, road shows or major events, the transport of several people at the same time might be required. In these cases, we tailor a solution for your needs. For example, luxury Mercedes Sprinter minibuses that can accommodate 19 passengers, 25-28 seaters or 40 and 59-seat buses.

We thus personalize each formula, in order to satisfy each customer best.


Limousine rental with chauffeur

Are you going to Cannes to attend its famous festival or any other event? Board a limousine from our fleet. Take advantage of the additional advantages offered by this type of vehicle.

Appreciate the Mediterranean night thanks to the sunroof. What goes better with tuxedo and evening dress, red carpet and champagne, as well as rhinestones, than a luxurious vehicle for the event.

Make a statement by arriving at your cocktail in a beautiful limousine with Ruby Services.

Car with private chauffeur and personalized service

The luxury car rental is distinguished by the bespoke services that we offer. The chauffeur services in Cannes pay a special attention to all details, in order to make your stay as pleasant as possible. It ensures high availability at all times according to your needs.

Whether you need a luxurious car for your transfer from the airport to the hotel or for various journeys during your stay. A private driver is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Private Chauffeur in Cannes - Premium Vehicles & Services - Reactivity 24/7 - Ruby Services - Car Rental with Driver in Cannes

Request a quote for your rental

The rental offers with private chauffeur are aimed at people looking for a high standard of personalized service. This is a premium service characterized by the professionalism and courtesy of the private drivers as well as the comfort and style of each vehicle.

Contact us to establish a personalized quote for your stay. 

We will thus establish a proposal adapted to your needs with, for example, a transfer from Nice airport to Cannes, the provision of one or more cars with private chauffeur during your stay, including private concierge services for all your requests, even last minutes.

Private Chauffeur in Cannes - Premium Vehicles & Services - Reactivity 24/7 - Ruby Services - Car Rental with Driver in Cannes

Rental of a car with private chauffeur for the day

Ruby Service adapts its offer according to several criteria, including the length of your stay.

Rent for example a car with private chauffeur for a day. The service begins upon your arrival at Nice airport. Our private driver is at your disposal throughout the day, for appointments and other visits around Cannes.

At the end of the day, our chauffeur will take you to the airport or to your hotel.

You can also contact us for any other mode of travel and any type of duration.

Car with private chauffeur to discover the city of Cannes

This former fishing village has a rich natural and cultural heritage.

Rent a luxury car with a private chauffeur and set off to explore La Croisette. One of the most famous walks with its palm trees, shops, sumptuous buildings and beach. Follow up with the Allées de la Liberté made unique by the flower market.

The visit of Cannes also passes undoubtedly through the Suquet. The oldest district in the city, which offers a cinematic panorama reminding you that the history of the city has been intimately linked to the world of cinema since 1946. Our concierge team proposes a selection of high-quality restaurants and can organize all your restaurant visits.

The list of historic sites can still be extended, in particular, with the Lérins Islands or even the old port.

Private car services to visit Cannes and its surroundings

Climb aboard a luxury sedan and trust the circuit with an experienced chauffeur. He will pick you up from Cannes Mandelieu airport, your hotel or your yacht. Then, begins the visit of the splendors of the French Riviera.

Each city on the Riviera has a unique architectural heritage. Your private driver will make you discover the most beautiful beaches in the South of France and the surrounding towns, such as Nice, Antibes, Menton or Villefranche-sur-Mer. He accompanies you throughout the day, then takes you back to your hotel or yacht. It is also at your disposal, if you want to spend the evening in a casino or in a trendy club.

Private Chauffeur in Cannes in Bentley & Rolls-Royce - Premium Vehicles & Services - Reactivity 24/7 - Ruby Services - Car Rental with Chauffeur in Cannes

Luxury car rental with chauffeur services in Cannes

Spacious interior, leather upholstery, high-end sound system, newspapers are available, multi-zone air conditioning and much more. Ruby Services only proposes luxury cars. Take advantage of the latest generation of technology on-board such as the electronic tablets or available wifi-connection.

Our fleet is made up of flamboyant sedans and splendid minivans, which will provide you with comfort and tranquility on every journey. They are entrusted to private drivers serving guests and professionals from all over the world, who speak most languages including: French, English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic...

Rolls-Royce and Bentley, the pinnacle of luxury

Get on board a Rolls-Royce or Bentley with Ruby Service. British brands have made exclusivity their leitmotif. Take advantage of this unique experience, reserved only for a privileged few.

Let yourself be transported into a world of “British” luxury.

Cannes and the other cities of the French Riviera host most of the world unique international events. Imagine the dazzling image of arriving, aboard one of these majestic English vehicles.

Private Chauffeur in Cannes for Weddings - Premium Vehicles & Services - Reactivity 24/7 - Ruby Services - Car Rental with Chauffeur in Cannes

Car rental with private chauffeur for a wedding

Our offers adapt to different types of needs and requests, including rental of cars and private chauffeur for a wedding.

The bride and groom can choose the car of their dream from our fleet, Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls Royce, coupe cars or convertible, we will find you the model that suits you.

Ruby Services can also take care of the trips of the guests, who come to celebrate weddings in the Cannes region.

For this we offer our Mercedes Class V MiniVan, which can accommodate 7 passengers, our luxury MiniBus or our Buses, which can accommodate from 19 to 59 passengers.

Our dispatcher team and our hostesses are also at your disposal to make your wedding the most beautiful day of your life. Integrate a sumptuous sedan in the wedding procession, to bring as much luxury as possible.

It is possible to rent a car with private chauffeur for multiple rides, as part of the organization of the event. Our offers for weddings are 100% tailor-made.

Car rental with private chauffeur for a long distance

The rental service is also available for long journeys. Did your flight get canceled, or you need to travel from another airport in Europe? Choose a first-class trip, when you have to go to another city several hundred kilometers from Cannes.

A trip in our Luxurious vehicles with the services of our chauffeurs will bring you comfort and well-being over the miles. Our chauffeur can discreetly offer you a trip, or share their knowledge of the area, all according to your desires.

Travel with prestige, by getting on board a magnificent Sedans or minivans. Our chauffeurs take pride in respecting the time frame. They will plan a precise program for the trip. Punctuality is one of our main assets.

Car with private chauffeur in Cannes online booking

If you wish to anticipate your arrival on the French Riviera. Let us know when you assume to arrive or inform us of the dates of your trips in Cannes and any needs you may have during your stay.

Do you want to go sightseeing? Do you have business appointments, where you need to make sure to arrive on time? Are you going to a professional event in Cannes ? Or are you simply spending the weekend in Cannes?

Book your car rental with private chauffeur and let us plan your trips. This will allow you to concentrate entirely on the purpose of your stay, whether it is a vacation or a business trip.