COVID-19 Our vehicles are prepared, to the highest hygiene standards. Learn more.

COVID-19 safety and cleanliness procedures :

COVID-19 safety and cleanliness procedures :

Our vehicles are prepared, to the highest hygiene standards.

After 25 years on the Riviera, Ruby Services has become a secure choice, when it comes to bespoke transportation solutions. Well-being and safety of our passengers and chauffeurs has always been our top priority.

Our vehicles are prepared, to the highest hygiene standards, inside as well outside, but we have decided to reinforce recently.

We are using the latest technology and implementing professional hygiene measures:

• The full team at Ruby Services have undergone training regarding the new hygiene measures.

• All vehicles, including children seats, are sanitized before and after each trip with: PURE SPACE (used on Mega Yachts and hospitals in over 50 countries)

• cleaning of the air condition and a full Ventilation of the passenger compartment after each trip.

• Plexiglass is in between the passenger’s seat and the front seats.

• The chauffeur cleans the full interior with a disinfectant, including the windows, the door handles, armrests, steering and gear-shift after each journey.

• The car goes to the car-wash and the wheels are carefully cleaned after each service.

• Bottled water or other items for passengers are disposed of, only provided upon request.

• Single-use hand sanitizers and masks are provided in sterilized bags to all passengers.

• Our greeters are equipped with masks and hand sanitizer, during airport- or train Station transfers, and the trolleys are disinfected after each service.

What we love about PURE SPACE :

Biodegradable dry-spraying that leaves no residue or other remains in our cars.

Non-allergenic, odorless and there’s absolutely no risk to humans or material.

There’s no corroding or oxidizing on clothing, including no effect on electronic devices.

It effectively kills 99,9% of bacteria and moldings.

During this particular period, do not hesitate to contact us, should you need chauffeured transportation or concierge services.

We will do everything to remain informed on new hygiene methods and to guarantee our passengers the highest level of safety on board.