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Security Chauffeur in Cannes

Are you coming to Cannes for a prestigious event, business travel or a holiday? Is your security and that of your family or employees important to you?  

Our security chauffeurs are at your disposal to give you peace of mind. At Ruby Services, private chauffeurs are fully trained to look after your security when travelling in and around Cannes. 

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VIP Security Chauffeur 

Our private chauffeurs are experts in meeting all the security needs of VIP clients. Trained in the latest protection techniques and experienced in this area, they can anticipate and manage all of the sensitive situations that can arise. 

Devoted to your security and entirely discreet, our VIP security chauffeurs understand the challenges of life as a celebrity or business leader. They can deal with crowd management, prevent undesirable intrusions and handle situations calmly et effectively in an emergency.  



Transfer from the airport to Cannes with a security chauffeur

Will you be arriving at Nice Côte d’Azur airport or the business aerodrome in Cannes?  Do you need security for your transfer to Cannes ? Our security chauffeurs will ensure you have a smooth transfer.

With Ruby Services, you can be assured that your arrival will take place securely and in comfort.

Our experienced chauffeurs are specially trained to meet your protection needs whilst guaranteeing a discreet transfer. 

Security Chauffeur for your events in Cannes

Are you coming to Cannes to attend an event in the town? Do you need a trusted chauffeur for your personal transport or that of your professional contacts?  

Our security chauffeurs are used to managing complex travel arrangements and coordinating arrivals and departures for events in a seamless way. 

Security Chauffeur and convoy

When your security is a top priority, Ruby Services stands out with its expertise in convoy driving. Whether you are a business leader, a public figure or seeking a high level of protection when travelling, our team of security chauffeurs is on hand to give you peace of mind. 

With our convoy driving service, we combine discretion, vigilance and road safety to guarantee you secure and inconspicuous travel. 

Security Chauffeur and armoured vehicle

Driving an armoured car is a profession which requires unique knowledge combining precision, vigilance and absolute control of the vehicle. Security chauffeurs at Ruby Services have been specially trained to handle these highly specialized vehicles.  

You can relax and enjoy safe and secure travel with our experienced and professional chauffeurs. 

Security Chauffeur and bodyguard

At Ruby Services, we know that personal protection requires an integrated and comprehensive approach. We make sure that there is a flawless alliance between our chauffeurs and your team of bodyguards. Working in tandem, they will handle your protection in all circumstances. 

If you require heightened protection, we can put you in contact with experienced bodyguards.  

We understand that each client has unique needs and can personalize our services to meet your specific requirements. 

Security Chauffeur in Cannes and bespoke service

Our clients’ security is our absolute priority. We have therefore developed a rigorous procedure for your protection before, during and after our service is delivered. 

Before your trip, we carry out a full assessment of the specific risks and needs of your itinerary. We plan each detail with your bodyguards to minimize potential risks, such as choosing an alternative itinerary. We put in place a prevention plan including key locations such as the nearest hospital. 

During your trip or transfer, our security chauffeurs remain on constant alert. They are trained to detect any suspect behaviour and respond quickly to any emergency. In close contact with your bodyguards, they will be ready for your arrival and onward travel to the place where you are staying in Cannes. 

After your trip, we carry out a detailed examination of our service for you and are attentive to any feedback you may have. 

By choosing our security chauffeur services in Cannes, you opt for peace of mind at every stage of your trip. We are fully committed to your security and your satisfaction is our reward. 

Security chauffeur training at Ruby Services

Our security chauffeurs have all followed advanced training in anti-aggression and armoured vehicle driving at the My Company Service centre - the largest in Europe. 

The centre runs professional training programmes for drivers to ensure that they possess advanced secure driving techniques and can handle risk situations effectively when carrying passengers of note. 

The training sessions enable our private chauffeurs to supplement their driving skills in terms of vehicle control, defence and also security and protection.