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Ruby Service & Pure Space team up

Ruby Service & Pure Space team up

Don’t forget, we are still here to help you with our industry ‘know how’. We are doing everything in our power to remain ready for your any urgent and necessary trips. We have helped client with longer distances than usual during Covid-19, due to the reduced air-transport.  


Stronger Together

We have used the slack period, to set up interesting new partnerships.

Collaborating with the right people make us stronger - This is our philosophy. We are sure to have found the best expert within the hygiene industry.

Our new partner, Pure Space, applies a technology used in hospitals in 50 countries already. They specialize in disinfection of the air and all surfaces.

What we love about Pure Space:

•Biodegradable dry spraying that leave no residue or other   remains in our cars.  

•Non-allergenic, odorless and there’s absolutely no risk to humans or material. 

•There’s no corroding or oxidizing, including no effect on electronic devices. 

•It effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria and moldings. 

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Traning of the full team 

New mask and hand-sanitizer are available for everyone and we’re installing plexiglas between the chauffeur and the passengers. Between each service, we do a full exterior and interior cleaning. The car goes to the carwash and the chauffeur clean windows, armrests, air ventilation, steering, wheel, gearshift and all handles using a disposable antiseptic wipe. 

Ruby Services invite customers and all collaborators to respect the general hygiene instructions. 

For more information, we invite you to consult the Government's web page. 

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