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Best luxury hotels in Cannes: lights, camera, action!

Best luxury hotels in Cannes: lights, camera, action!

Have you ever wanted to feel like a movie star, or visit the set of iconic films? Beyond being the stage of the Film Festival, Cannes and its beautiful seafront hotels are also the backdrops of many movies.

Ruby Services has handpicked the 3 best hotels in Cannes that are sure to delight you with their generous and courteous hospitality, as well as their cinematic history.

1. The InterContinental Carlton Hotel

If you want to feel like you’re in a movie, the best hotel in Cannes is its legendary Carlton Hotel on the Croisette. In operations since 1913, its timeless sophistication, breathtaking sea view and private white sand beach are sure to leave an impression.

Its hallowed halls have starred in countless movies – among others:

  • Grosse Fatigue, with Carole Bouquet;

  • French Kiss, with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline;

  • To Catch a Thief, by Alfred Hitchcock, with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly

Its Grace Kelly suite on the 7th floor is even inspired by the design of the set.

Turned into a mythical place by these movies, the Carlton Hotel is one of the best hotels in Cannes for its location and particular atmosphere.

2. Hotel Barrière Le Majestic

Located a stone’s throw away from the Palais des Festivals and the old port, the Majestic Barrière is one of the best hotels in Cannes.

With a projection room, outdoor pool, spa, and private beach, this 5-star hotel offers you all you might need in terms of activities and magical panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

If you want to feel the rush of being Robert de Niro or Jean Reno in the movie Rōnin during your stay in Cannes, this is the place to be!

3. Hotel Martinez by Hyatt

When in Cannes, do as the stars do! If you feel red-carpet-ready and are wondering where celebrities stay in Cannes during the Film Festival, Hotel Martinez is a safe bet.

What do Scarlett Johansson, Bruce Willis or Eva Longoria have in common? They go to this luxury hotel in Cannes during the festival. Its art deco style is a celebrity favorite, and the fact that it can boast the only restaurant with 2 Michelin stars in Cannes makes it one of the best hotels in Cannes.

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Ready to experience the life of a movie star while in Cannes?

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